Useful Links

Health Connector for Business

Health Connector for Business is a one-stop shopping solution for small businesses and brokers looking for affordable, high-quality health and dental insurance. Through the Health Connector, you can compare plans from leading insurance carriers side by side.  

The ConnectWell program gives you a chance to save money while your employees improve their health and wellness. As an employer, you can save up to 15% on the amount that you contribute toward your employees’ health insurance premiums if one-third (33%) of your employees successfully complete one of the program’s qualifying wellness activities. Employees enrolled in your group’s health plan will have the chance to earn a $100 reward when they complete a qualifying wellness activity.


Buoy Health

Buoy is a digital health tool that helps you and your employees– from the moment you get sick – start your care on the right foot. These days, when most Americans get sick, they google their symptoms. But the information they find is unreliable and risky. Buoy flips the script by using advanced artificial intelligence to resemble a chat with your favorite doctor—where you get an accurate analysis of your symptoms and learn where to go and what to do next.

Start by entering your symptoms. Buoy’s algorithm analyzes your answers in real-time and decides the most important question to ask next. In just 2-3 minutes, Buoy gains a detailed understanding of your case and offers options for what to do next that are personalized to you. If you need immediate care, Buoy can connect you to care providers nearby. No more endless googling. No more guessing. Start your care on the right foot. That's Buoy.


Coalition Developed Tools

We are pleased to share with you the first resources developed by the Massachusetts Employer Health Coalition for use by employers.

My Care, My Options 

Encourage employees to consider all potential options when seeking care by asking them to fill out this form before the need arises.


Social Posts 

Raising awareness as a first step in engaging employees is critical. Use or adapt this language when communicating within your organization. 


Need Care Now?

Display this poster in your break room, in the elevator, or anywhere else you might catch the attention of your employees.


We ask that you utilize these tools within your own organizations, and provide feedback to make them more useful. With your support, we intend to develop additional resources and release a full toolkit for employers in 2019.