Founded in 2018, the Coalition is an employer-led effort that, together with our Strategic Partners, seeks to use our collective influence to uncover solutions that drive real change in the health care delivery system and reduce costs. Our members include business organizations representing thousands of large and small employers across Massachusetts. The Coalition is seeking additional employer members to join, and intends to work collaboratively with its strategic partners and other important health care stakeholders, including health plans, hospitals, physicians, consumer advocates, labor unions, government agencies, and community organizations. 


Coalition Members are business organizations or associations that represent a wide array of employers from regions across the Commonwealth. Members share a desire to bring the purchaser voice to the forefront of the health care dialogue, and are focused on driving positive change in the health care delivery system and reducing health care costs for business owners and employees. Members must commit to supporting Coalition activities by actively engaging with Coalition work, sharing updates with the entities they represent, and encouraging individual employers to implement direct, meaningful strategies to address health care costs. Members will not consist solely of entities whose primary revenue source is health care. Any interested organizations should contact Coalition leadership to discuss participation. 

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Strategic Partners are non-profits or government agencies that are essential, significant stakeholders within the health care system. Strategic Partners recognize and are supportive of the role of employers in driving change within the health care system. They use their unique perspective and members to help identify strategies and best practices for employers to pursue, and commit to supplying data, expertise, and influence to inform Coalition activities and achieve goals. Strategic Partners require consensus approval by Coalition leadership and must commit to ongoing and frequent collaboration and support.

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